Thursday, 23 February 2012


Assalamulaikum kawan2 semua..... bersiaran kembali....

Tajuk kat atas 2 adalah model handphone idaman hati faiz... dari tahun lepas lagi faiz dah aim... mase start dilancarkan... biar la ape org nak kate... faiz x kesah... biar orang cakap faiz ketinggalan, faiz x kesah....

Sekarang mmg dah musim android.... tapi klu hati dah jatuh chenta... x kira dah... hehehehehe... jom kita bace pengenalan NOKIA E7-00 nie

credit to WIKIPEDIA.... mmg faiz saje x buang link.... hehehehe... (**gila malas kan)

The Nokia E7-00, also known as Nokia E7, is a business-oriented QWERTY smartphone by Nokia from the Nokia Eseries[4][5] It was announced at Nokia world in September 2010 together with the Nokia C6-01 and Nokia C7[5][6][7][8] and started shipping in February 2011. It is the second phone after the Nokia N8 to be running the Symbian^3 operating system.
When compared with the Nokia N8,[9] it has fixed mass storage of 16GB without a memory card slot, no FM transmitter and a less advanced camera, with Extended Depth of Field, instead of autofocus as in the N8 and the E90.[3] Like the Nokia N8, it comes with an HDMI-out connector and a non-user-replaceable battery that is smaller than the E90's.[10]
It has the same keyboard spring mechanism as the Nokia N97 mini, but has like the N8 an anodized aluminium casing. All this is different from the bulkier and heavier E90.[3]
Compared to the Nokia N97 mini and E90, the E7-00 has a multitouch capacitive touchscreen. Unlike the N8, N97 mini, and the E90, the E7-00 has an Active-matrix OLED (AMOLED) ClearBlack technology with a slightly lower resolution than the E90.[3] Vlasta Berka, general manager of Nokia Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei, talked about the trend of users who are using their smartphones for business.

so jom kita tgk spec hp nie

Nokia E7-00
Nokia E7 with homescreen.jpg
Manufacturer Nokia
Series E-series
Compatible networks
Introductory price 495€ / HK$4898
Availability by country 7 February 2011[1]
Dimensions 123.7 mm (4.87 in) H
62.4 mm (2.46 in) W
13.6 mm (0.54 in) D
Weight 176.0 g (6.21 oz)
Operating system Symbian^3 Belle
CPU ARM 11 @ 680 Mhz [2]
Storage 16 GB external mass storage, 256 MB RAM, 1 GB ROM
Removable storage none
Data inputs
Display 640 × 360 px (nHD), 4" capacitive, multi-touch ClearBlack AMOLED [3]
Rear camera 8 Megapixels (main), 16:9 720p video, 25 FPS. Dual LED flash (can be used as flashlight by holding the Lock key).
Front camera VGA, for video calling
Ringtones & notifications Nokia Tune
Development status Released

sah2... semua faiz copy n paste... dasar pemalas.... thanks to WIKIPEDIA..... spec nie la yg faiz idam2kan.. mengalahkan bisnes woman.. agagagagagaga....

**semalam petang faiz dah dapat.... hari nie x sempat nak tukar lagi.. insyaAllah... esk rasmikan.. :)



dhiera said...

dgn reference sekali faiz update ni~ hehehe

kemain lagi. kite 1st time tgk hp macam ni, hp LG. mase tu minat sgt~ tapi tak beli pun.hehehe

Pink Lavender said...

oiii faiz...
nak tgk hp baru kau...
yeahh!!!nak tengok arrrr

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